Skippy 5 Kids Long Rope by Skippy Peanut Butter, 31st May 2009

Finally billed as 5 Kids Long Rope Jumping Inter-School Competition was held at United Square Shopping Mall. It was a quaint competition in which you needed to buy 14 feet ropes from the organizer to compete. Everyone used the same plastic ropes with 3 jumpers and two turners for 30 minutes. For the first 4 rounds, trips where allowed and the final was a 4-team, 30 minute or trip round.

We went to the competition to help our coach with the two primary schools he was coaching. At this competition, older skippers like us could not compete although it did say Inter-School Competition on the stage backdrop. Rulang primary school arrived early, so coach briefed the kids to try out the floor and strategies. Both schools did well, one winning the competition. Only the top two got prizes of trophies and cash.

From the beginning is was clear that Rulang primary school had the consistently fastest two teams out of their 5 teams. Nonetheless, the trip factor meant anyone could win so all the skippers were on their toes till the end of the competition. Only four teams from the fourth round proceeded to the final round.

This was a working day out with our coach and our skipping friends.

Snapshots of the 5 Kids Long Rope competition

Coach briefing as there was no one there when Rulang primary school arrived, not even the organizers.

PLMGS being brief by coach. All primary school teams where given a few minutes to practice later.

Here we are, watching over the primary school teams.

Helping them stick their sticker number tags on.

When the competition started at about noon, there was already some strong sunlight from the mall's skylight on the floor.

Soon all the light contrast made it really difficult to see the ropes and floor as you are jumping. Look at the funny moving shadows on the floor.

Briefing of the new rules for the 4 teams in the final round.

PLMGS in the forground and Rulang primary school on far left waiting for the announcement of the results.

The second Ruland team took 3rd position although they are the 2nd fastest because the 4th round 2nd and 4th fastest had to compete for the 3rd position. These 5 girls went on to teamed up with 5  Jumping Jewels to compete at the Asian Rope Skipping Championships in August 2009. They won 3rd place in the Asian Cup event.

The champions. These are veteran competitors, having won gold for the double dutch speed relay event at the Junior Olympics Jump Rope competitons in US in 2008. Ben, holding the trophy, is also the 2008 Junior Olympics and All Japan freestyle champion.

We asked Skippy to please include a teen category for us in next year's Skippy 5 Kids Long Rope Skipping competition. Bye bye!

Poster of the competition

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