okto Live!on Okto TV channel on 13 Nov 2009
OktoLive! is a fun interactive program of Okto channel. We prepared a one minute Fusion double dutch opening act for the show and also practiced for the OK-to-Learn segment of the live show. The stage was an alley sort of scene so it was difficult to find the right attire for the show. We came with two sets of hoodies, one in blue and the other in pimk to try out during rehearsals. Finally we would wear the blue for the opening jump to blend into the stage and pink for the OK-to-Learn segment to stand out.

Arrived at about 2 pm as scheduled and immediately asked to jump on the snakes and ladders board floor. The studio was fridge cold as usual because the TV and stage electronics need this temperature so we had to go outside to warm-up before our jump. The OK-to-Learn segment is probably the first on TV and the largest rope skipping lesson ever. TV audience also got to see how interesting the chinese wheel and ropes skipping is. Receiving 2 record breaking award on TV was also a first. This is Rachel's 5th and 6th award by the Singapore Book Of Records.

Mimi, Amy, Azali and Roger III who were with us got invited to sit on the stage seats and so got on TV. Ariel, Amy and Pei Shi were also on last year's OktoLive! representing the 2008 Junior Olympics Games and Skipping Australia Championships teams.

Snapshot of oktoLive!

The trailer for the Jumping Jewels was on TV for one week prior the oktoLive! episode.

Watch the girl seated in the center of the audience go hysterical when we finished our Fusion double dutch opening act.

In the OK-to-Learn segment Rachel and Ariel showed off their chinese wheel creation we call Sushi. At the Asian championship in Hong Kong recently, the president of the International Rope Skipping Federation said he never saw that move before.

Ariel and Rachel rehearsing the OK-to-Learn segment with Sharda and Wai Kit.

In pink hoodie waiting for rehearsal.

Make-up outside the studio in blue hoodie.

Ready to perform the opening act. Coach in background after briefing us.

Actual performance. Taking photos was difficult because of the low lighting.

End pose on the button.

In the OK-to-be-Me segment, Rachel tells why we are called the Jumping Jewels.

Receiving two Singapore Book Of Records awards from the the president of SBOR Mr Ong Eng Huat. The day the records were made is here.

After the opening performance we changed to pink hoodies and waited with the audience until the OK-to-Learn segment.

The OK-to-Learn segment started with Rachel and Ariel jumping their expert sparkling chinese wheel routine.

Sharda and Wai Kit having chinese wheel fun with our ropes.

The Jumping Jewels witb the show hosts Wai Kit and Sharda right after the show.

Rachel with Mr Ong of SBOR.

Waiting for taxis to go home from MediaCorp at about 7.10pm.

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