Asian Children's Festival 2009, 21 Nov 2009

This is the 3nd time skippers from Rope Skipping Singapore are performing at the Asian Children's Festival, in 2006, 2007 and now in 2009. We are happy to support the festival by performing at the opening ceremony again. Many people in the audience already knew the Jumping Jewels and perhaps some came especially to see us.

The venue had daylight but it was an overcast day and the walls and floor where grey giving the venue a washed look. This helped make our outfit really stand out like candy. Guess some people will remember our candy look for some time.

We had to rush of to a meeting so there was no time to browse the KidAsia booths there.

Snapshot of Asian Children's Festival

Walking to the National Library from Bugis MRT. Waiting at traffic lights here.

After trying the floor when we arrived around 1.20pm

Waiting at the side of the stage to perform at 1.50pm.

And here we go!

End pose.

We where invited for refreshments after the performance.

Our first photo with these colorful thingies.

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