Double Dutch Contest Japan vol 9, 27-28 Mar 2010

The Double Dutch Contest was held at the Stellar Ball at the Prince Hotel Shinagawa in Tokyo on 27-28 March 2010.

The Jumping Jewels became the U19 speed champions of DDCJ skipping 198 times in 30 seconds. This is 6.6 steps per second. On Saturday we watched the Open category were 92 teams compete for the coveted title of performance and speed champion. The next day was the U19 and Junior (elementary school) categories preliminaries in the morning and in the afternoon the top six from the 3 categories competed in the grand finals. We qualified for the speed finals and everything just went right in the finals. The video below says it all.

We trained daily for two weeks before going to Japan. In Japan it was raining when we arrived so we could not train the first day. The next two days we trained following a formula our coach developed for this contest. We are really thrilled to win at this popular international contest.

This is a special competition for us as we have many friends and people who know the Jumping Jewels in Japan. Everyone is so friendly, making the whole competition really enjoyable. The next day we made our pilgrimage to Tokyo Disneyland but it was too cold to wait in the open for at least 50 minutes for a ride, so we saw alot of shows and other indoor stuff.

Evon Yak
Team Manager
Jumping Jewels

Double Dutch Contest Japan vol. 9 results

Speed grand finals video

Japanese friends cheering the Jumping Jewels on as they came on stage. It was a great winning jump.

Snapshot of Double Dutch Contest Japan vol. .9

Practicing near Kamata train station near our hotel.

Stayed at a new hotel near Kamata train station.

The statues stand to remind us of children.

We went to visit the Imperial Palace but it was closed, so we practiced close by.

Wonderful, wonderful flower beds. Look at the christmas tree cabbage.

Japan is the land of vending machines. At Akihabara the electronic town.

Harajuku the hip young people place. On Sundays the street is has no traffic and all sort of performances happen here but our competitions are always on weekends so we have not got a chance to see this pop culture.

Janet of the JRSF said hello while we queued to enter the competition venue.

Most teams have girls at DDCJ.

Da Crew of Compound from Hong Kong who competed in the open catergory.

Megumi, one of the competiton judges said hello while we queued to enter the venue for the finals on Sunday.

Given 30 seconds to test the floor and so we did with both sets of double dutch ropes, our speed and fusion ropes. Two judges looking on.

Kids from the Junior category (elementary school) speed round.

The preliminary speed round on Sunday morning. We were so focused that Ariel forgot to wear her speed tubes.

Junior category performance (fusion) round.

In the open category many teams performed gravity defying stunts.

Other girl teams at DDCJ. The first team in yellow are all 13 years olds.

The Jumping Jewels starting out and then working it.

End pose and bye bye.

The performance and speed finalist team leaders were called on stage. We could not understand as announcements were in Japanese. So we asked a few people before we found out that we got into the finals for the speed round.

In the grand finals, a few seconds to calibrate the speed and then ready.

Started out at a blazing speed and did not trip so there was a sense of joy as they walked off the stage.

Open category speed round with girl turners.

Peace Peace Theatre, last year's U19 performance champions are third this year. Members of Sole team in navy.

Base In-Affection from Osaka University, the performance champions in the Open category. They are wearing Rope Skipping Singapore badges we gave them which they wore for their performance round. It must have brought them good luck.

With the Tic Tac team

Officials, judges and camera woman.

The finalist are on stage for the announcement of winners. Emcee asked how it feels like to be champions.

The Jumping Jewels are happy speed champions.

WonDer3, Junior category performance champions. Jun*Peach, Junior category speed winners. Sole, an all-girl high school team was 4th for performance, one of five teams from that school.

Peace Peace Theatre, U19 performance 3rd and the 2nd & 3rd Open category performance winners.

President Sada of JRSF was the master of ceremony. The judges taking a bow at the close of DDCJ.

High BARO the U19 performance champions with Jumping Jewels the U19 speed champions. Our friends J-Trap.

We braved the cold and visited Tokyo Disneyland. It was Amy's first time here.

Disney indoor shows.

Really animated parade. Everything is more colorful than in previous years.

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