Double Dutch Delight Kids, 3 October 2010

The Double Dutch Delight Kids is a delightful competition held in Tokyo at a Metropolitian YMCA on Sunday, 3rd Oct 2010. We took the Friday afternoon flight and arrived in the evening. So we had Saturday to prepare for the competition on Sunday.

The DDDK is part of the DDD league in Japan so it is a very big double dutch competition in Japan. There were very young competitors because the youngest age division for speed is 7 to 8 years. It is autumn in Japan now so the weather is wonderful.

It was enjoyable to be in Japan again to see so many fusion teams and meet friends.

Jumping Jewels

Snapshot of Double Dutch Delight Kids 2010

Arriving at the train station below Tokyo Narita airport and in the train.

Collected our stamp chops at the station at our hotel.

On the street from train station to hotel.

Our first meal was dinner at the nearby walking street. Here are the eels alive and then we eating them. Buying sushi to snack at hotel later.

Next morning out to look for a place to practice but first breakfast at a fastfood restaurant at the walking street.

A condo carpark with a smooth floor to practice our speed and a larger shelter carpark to practice fusion.

Then going to Gotanda station to for lunch. Collecting our stamps at Gotanda station.

Went to a new Uni-Qlo store to buy children wear as the stores in Singapore do not carry them. The check-out counters was so long. Japanese fast food noodle lunch.

Practiced again in the evening. Went to a community center beside the hotel which had a vinyl floor activity area on the roof for basketball, tennis and skateboarding.

The CC closed at 7pm so we continued practice at a playground also beside the hotel. You can see our hotel lighted signage on top of the center photo.

The giraffe was not big enough to practice fusion so moved to the pavement at side of the playground. We had our own public girls toilet.

Japanese ice-cream from Lawson store before dinner. Wearing orange bubble vest we bought at Uni-Glo for the Firecrackers outfit for the DDCHK soon.

On our way to competition. There was a great snaking queue to register for the competition when we arrived.

At this briefing we found out we had to use the organizers cotton DD single ropes for the speed round but we had been practicing with a different type of ropes.

Quickly we borrowed the ropes from a friend and did some last minute practice in the lobby. Then we tried our best in the speed round.

Waiting to go on stage for our fusion round.

The winners receive their certificates, one for each skipper.

The fusion champions. The judges each made their speeches and then a customary deep bow.

After the event some teams from a club being briefed at entrance of building.

Parting shots with friends.

Dinner at MacD before reaching train station. Shopping the next day before taking evening flight home.

At the airport we are all in turtle necks we bought at Uni-Qlo. There where stamps at the airport too.
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