Singapore Calendar Guys 2009  performances, 24th/25th Oct 2009

Jumping Jewels performed at the Everlast Singapore Calendar Guys 2009 Competition on 24th and 25th October at Bugis Junction. The stage floor was about 18 by 12 feet which was a tight fit our performance but it was uncluttered so that was nice. The backdrop was also nice in black and gold with images of Ali.

It was a busy stage with something happening every moment so there was no time to mingle with the calendar guys.

Snapshot of the Everlast Singapore Calendar Guys 2009

24th Oct 2009, Saturday

Just arrived at 5pm at Bugis Junction behind the stage of the Calender Guys stage.

Team power pose.

Our slow start Tai-chi move at about 5.15pm.

Followed by our calendar girl pose.

Hight frog and push-up combo

Rachel's freestyle rope got caught on the fan blade. Whew! We ask them to switch of the fans, luckily they did.

Our look at the brand on our singlet ending pose.

Moving off after the performance with our Everlast team bags.

25th Oct 2009, Sunday

Warming up behind the stage a few minutes before performing at about 6pm

Avoided the fans this time and duck taped the carpet down.

With the good people at Everlast who thought rope skipping and boxing clothes go together.

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