Turf Club's Fun For All Under The Stars, 26 Nov 2009

This was our day-out at the Turf Club at their annual event "Fun For All Under The Stars." The main attraction for us was the Transformers live show and photo session. The pat-a-horse was also fun and the unassuming trailer swing was great fun. When we heard that there would be a rope skipping performance we had to see that too. The event lasted from 5pm to 9pm. Close to the end we had a bonus activity playing trick football with the current street style football champion. Cutting edge like we are, we soon found ourselves figuring out how to incorporate freestyle football into fusion double dutch. Since props are allowed for the DDCJ in Japan and Double Dutch Holiday Classics in New York we may just use a football when we compete there next.

The queue at the Transformers photo session was so long we almost gave up. We were rewarded with some great photos for being patient. While waiting in the queue a family recognized us and took a photo with us. Funny huh, having our photos taken while in the queue to take photos with Transformers.

After the rope skipping performance we got out our double dutch ropes and started skipping. After a while our baby Jewels wanted to carry on skipping at the workshop held by the rope skipping performers but we were not allowed. So we went to learn freestyle football from the freestyle football team who performed earlier.

Should have bought candy floss earlier as it was not available when we were leaving. The live TV coverage greatly enhanced the experience of the event especially so with the Turf club's skillful inhouse TV crew. Altogether it was a fun and under the stars outing where we met some ex-school mates (X-Jump) and made some new friends (freestyle footballers).

Snapshot of Fun For All Under The Stars

We were the earliest at the gate. No one else was there.

Finally the gates opened at 5pm.

And through the gates we go for the first time.

Just in front of the Turf Club building was the trailer swing ride. We got into the queue quickly.

The larger two Jewels decided they were too big to fit the swing seat so they guarded our bags.

Whee-eee! Funny how something simple can be so fun.

Roger III did not get on the ride with us so he was on the next ride. We got out and.....


Entering the grandstand we were awe-struck by the Transformer-size screen. It is so far away and still so big in the photo.

Watch the Transformers on stage in a packed audience.

Optimus and Bubble Bee prancing on stage.

The photos with the horse came out really well. Here is the one with Rachel and Aidah with the face of fear.

Waiting for the trial gallop.

We got the photos we came for.

Just arrived at the front of the stage to watch the rope skipping performance. As we rush past X-jump (the performing rope skipping team) and Peter Sim (father of X-Jumper Aloysius) was heard saying, "I tho't here supposed to be horse racing, how come got dogs racing." Peter Sim also wrote complain letters to Singapore Press Holdings when we won the Skip'a'Dance contest and the principal of Rulang Primany School trying to prevent us from going to Hong Kong for the Asian Rope Skipping Championship this year.

You can tell that the Jumping Jewels and X-Jump have the same signature bow and wave that all our coach's students have. We were in front on the left clapped the loudest when our former team mates finished.

Ariel, Amy, Mimi and Roger got ready to jump in the workshop held by X-Jump when school teacher Lee Lay Eng walked over and took the rope from Bing Han's hand leaving our skippers out and started turning the rope with Aloysius saying there was too many in the rope. This reminded us when she said there was no time for the senior boys individual and pair to do their events during this years South Zone Rope Skipping Championship in her school. Her school's senior boy (Kim Yih) was home quarantined with chicken-pox during the competition. If he was called to perform as scheduled that day he would have been disqualified from the competition.

Got introduced to freestyle football and our football coach got to learn the ropes.

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