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6 September 2014
Jumping Jewels performing at Tampines 201E on 6 Sept 2014 at 6pm
    24 March 2014

Jumping Jewels appearing on "Let's Talk" TV show on Channel U on 24th March 2014

    5 February 2014 
Ariel appearing on "OKTO Live" TV show on 5th February 2014

    November 2012

Jumping Jewels perform in HERMES brand event in November 2013

    12 July 2013
Jumping Jewels performing at TEEN SPEED JUMP ROPE CHALLENGE at J-Cube on 12 July
    22 November 2012
Jumping Jewels are DOUBLE DUTCH CONTEST SINGAPORE Vol.2 Performance and Speed 19U champions

    21 October 2012
Jumping Jewels Performance and Speed 18U champion again at DOUBLE DUTCH CONTEST HONG KONG Vol.3

    25 November 2012
Jumping Jewels are DDCS vol.2 champions in both performance and speed events.  

     4 July 2012
Ariel of the Jumping Jewels competed at World jump Rope Championship in Mason, Ohio, US.

    26 March 2012
Ariel of the Jumping Jewels will be endorsing her own brand of skipping rope.
    23 December 2011
The Jumping Jewels are DDCS champions in all three events, performance, speed and double under.

    13 November 2011
Filming begins for the Channel 'U' TV drama 'JUMP' featuring the Jumping Jewels as themselves.
    23 October 2011
Three Singapore teams won all 4 awards in the 12U and 19U age division at DDCHK in Hong Kong. The Jumping Jewels win both 19U performance and speed events.

    20 March 2011
The Jumping Jewels have won the Skip'a'Dance competition again. The competition was part of the Double Dutch Delight event held at West Coast Plaza on 19th and 20 March. It was an electrifying performance by the Jewels in there new outfits that dazzled the 5 judges who happen to be world champion DD performance team Capliore.

   24 February 2011
HPB has cancelled the Criss Cross contest.

    23 January 2011
The Jumping Jewels have held the national record for the HPB Criss Cross contest for 4 year since this bi-annual event started. We will be back again to try to make it a hat trick in April.
    9 December 2010
The Jumping Jewels are performing at the Singapore Discovery Center on 15 and 22 January 2011 for family day events.

    9 December 2010
The Jumping Jewels are part of musical show called "A Tampines Story" on 22 January 2011 at ITE East Polytechnic. The story acknowledges the Jumping Jewels as a popular team in Tampines. Guest for the show include five Ministers.

    30 November 2010
The Jumping Jewels will be teaching about 50 kids to skips at Selectar country club on 7 Dec 2010.

    29 October 2010
The Jumping Jewels are performing with Mediacorps artist at an AFA event at Eastpoint on 6th and 7th November.

    16 October 2010
The Firecrakers led by Ariel of the Jumping Jewels have won the Double Dutch Contest Hong Kong 17U fusion event on 16 October 2010. The youngest team in the competition and the most colorful in their fire inspired outfit, the Firecrakers performance was thrilling.

    30 August
Jumping Jewels have been invited to appear on OKTO Channel's ONE MINUTE OF FAME, the TV competition that we won last year. We may be in Japan for competition during the filming of the show on 1st October.

    7 July 2010

Jumping Jewels will be on TV channel 5's ONE MOMENT OF GLORY starting 9 August. Together with the Youth Olympic performances next month the Jumping Jewels have brought rope skipping to more people in Singapore than ever before.

     7 July 2010

After seeing the the Jewels at the studio the YOG organizers have given us more shows to do. We now perform at the Gymnastics, Boxing and Fencing events. All together 7 shows.

    12 June 2010
3 Jewels acoompany their coach to India to conduct Asian Rope Skipping Workshop at Amritsar, India from 12th to 21st July.
    14 May 2010
OKTO LIVE! will feature the Jumping Jewels again on OKTO television channel on 15 June. The Jumping Jewels Youth Olympics Games rope skipping performance team of 10 plus Jewels will be featured.

    14 May 2010

The Jumping Jewels will perform at the Cold Storage Kids Run on 23 May 2010 for more than 1000 kids.

   22 Apr 2010
The Jumpng Jewels have been invited to perform at the Primary School Nationals on 26th April 2010 by Serene Ng of CCAB, Ministry of Education. This will be a fusion, speed and team freestyle extravaganza experience.

    17 Apr 2010
Preparing for a performance for a dance concert  "Spring In Our Midst" by the Tampines Arts Troupe at Tampines Cultural Centre on 30 May 2010. This will be our first chinese folk troupe style rope skipping with chinese music.

     13 Apr 2010
The Jumping Jewels will entertain at several Youth Olympics Games events in Singapore this August. This is the first time rope skipping is featured at any Olympics Games. A special $300+ double dutch rope will be used in one of the shows in a boxing ring before the boxing match.

    29 Mar 2010
The Jumping Jewels will perform as part of the Mediacorp troupe at Viva Tampines West, a CC family event on 10 Apr 2010. Banners for the event all over half of Tampines feature the images of Jumping Jewels.

     29 Mar 2010
The Jumping Jewels won the 30s speed event at the Double Dutch Contest Japan in Tokyo 29 March 2010.
    13 Mar 2010
The Jumping Jewels perform an Aerobics Fitness routine as part of their Rope Skipping Show at Bugis Mall on 13 Mar 2010. This first in Singapore will be a regular feature at Jumping Jewels fusion shows.

    1 Feb 2010
The Jumping Jewels will be part of the Singapore team at the 24 HOURS DOUBLE DUTCH SPEED competition. This is the first time they represent Singapore in Singapore. They will compete with skippers from around the world.

    20 Dec 2009
The Jumping Jewels in Okto Christmas music video,  X'mas greet video, New Year greet video and New Year resolution video can be seen on TV from today.

    7 Dec 2009

Evon, Rachel and Pei Shi are FISAC (International Rope Skipping Federation) certified rope skipping judges until 2011. They took their certification at Rope Skipping Singapore on 23 Aug 2009.

    27 Nov 2009

The Jumping Jewels will be featured in a Christmas music video on TV in December wearing a team dress.

    7  Nov 2009
The Jumping Jewels performing at the opening ceremony of Asian C, hildren's Festival on 21 Nov 2009.

    6  Nov 2009
One Minute Of Fame is polled by Okto as the 4th most popular program on Okto TV channel, the highest rank local production.

    30 Oct 2009
The Jumping Jewels will be featured on Okto Live! on 13th Nov where Rachel will teach rope skipping to TV viewers all over Singapore making this the largest rope skipping lesson ever in Singapore.

    25 Oct 2009
Rachel smashed her Singapore Book of Records record for 30s speed and Triple unders by jumping 162 and 96 triples  respectively. She will continue to hold these records in the next publication of Singapore Book of Records. Her old record was 145 and 55 respectively.

    19 Oct 2009
Training daily for the 2nd International Double Dutch Championship in Paris at end of the month.

    19 Oct 2009
Jumping Jewels performing at the Everlast Calendar Guys 2009 Competition at a Bugis Junction mall on 24th and 25th Oct.

    12 Oct 2009 up on 12 Oct 2009 a day after our President's Star Charity performance. Adding information for our fans regularly.

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