Jumping Jewels at the Mediacorp Festival, 1st Oct 2009

At MediaCorp Festival 2009,  advertising clients were treated to a song and dance reality show called MediaCorp’s Got Talent. The Jumping Jewels performed with the finalist of One Minute of Fame. The performance called Okto kids was voted by the audience as the most liked by them.

We had two rehearsals (practices) with a choreographer at Mediacorp dancestudio and we where ready to perform a Ritz Carlton hotel on children's day, 1 Oct. The choreographer managed to finish the choreography in one rehearsal helped by the fact that the Fan Kids and the Jumping Jewesl where experienced performers.

It was really interesting performing with a group of talented people and not solo as usual. It was a good job as endorsed by the 1000+ audience who voted the performance the best of the show.

We had a fun time partly because eveyone was so friendly. Hope to work with the OMF gang again soon before we all grow up.

Snapshot of the Mediacorp Festival

First rehearsal on 26th Sep 2009.

Second rehearsal was a full dress on 29th Sep 2009. Amy replaces Rachel for she has an 'O' level paper to take on the day of the festival.

At Ritz Carlton hotel where the MediCorp festival was held on Children's Days, 1 Oct 2009. We got of school early. Hanisa arrived last at about 2pm from school after exams.

Photo of the whole One Minute Of Fame gang outside the holding room.

Inside the holding room running through the performance. Can see the hand on the left someone's mother holding up a handphone playing the song.

Behind the stage practicing the energy before performing.

The performance in the ballroom.

Playing in holding room after the performance. Other performers also waited here for the close of festival when all performer would go on stage.

Pig-ing out at reception after the show at the Okto booth.

Aidah and Hanisa sharing a moment.

Playing the wheel for prizes at the Channel 5 booth. Won an umbrella.

We are done.

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