National Day Dinner Celebration,   7 August 2010.

The PA organizers invited the Jumping Jewels to be part of their musical production to provide entertainment at the National Day Dinner celebration. The musical tells of the story of Tampines developing from kampong days. The other acts where cultural acts so we stood out and looked interesting by contrast. Our red outfit and shoes provided a National Day flavor too. Took the bus from Rope Skipping Singapore to Tampines Central where the dinner celebration was in our outfits. Asked to report at 4.30pm to perform at 7.30pm which is the longest we have ever been asked to wait. Happy to do our part for National Day in Tampines.

Ariel Yue
Jumping Jewels

Snapshot of National Day Dinner performance.

Waiting at bus stop at Rope Skipping Singapore in Tampines to go to Tampines Central.

We have arrived at Tampines Central open area next to 1 Tampines Mall and sat in tent behind stage with other performers.

Eating dinner that was provided. After dinner took our seats and parked outside to wait.

1 Tampines mall in the background as we warm-up in the open field.

Chinese, Malay and Indian cultural acts before us.

Then it was our turn to entertain.

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