One Moment of Glory,  first episode on 9 Aug 2010.

9 August 2010

Today was the telecast of the first episode of OMG and here the Jumping Jewels are in our loud outfit with a red beanie. Only on the day of filming did we find out that the judges where a DJ and 3 actresses who have never judged reality shows before. Nonetheless we tried to win them over coming out with our rope skipping fashion statement and performed with the wind on our backs. Two of the 10 contestants where sent home and we will blow into the next episode.

OMG was shown directly after the TV live telecast of the National Day Parade. Thus really many viewers, like the judges, got to see adult rope skipping for the first time, - Jumping Jewels style. That's cool.

To all the people who came to the OMG recording to support us, - a big thank you.

18 August 2010

The second episode telecast today featured 4 challengers. Good thing the Jumping Jewels where not challenged as I was nursing a swollen ankle from trip falling at camera rehearsal in the afternoon. There did not seem to be as much energy in this episode on TV perhaps because only dancers and singers performed. None of the more kinetic performers did their acts so the judges where left to carry the show.

 To all the people who came to this OMG recording to support us, - a big hug.

25 August 2010

The Jumping Jewels where challenged at this third episode and sadly we lost. We where baffled that three of four judges thought this wedding singer challenger was better. When a YouTube singer challenged this wedding singer later in the show he did not stand a chance.

One judge and all of the contestants (except one) thought we should have won. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

To all the people who came to this OMG recording to support the Jumping Jewels, - a deep bow.

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