Okto's Christmas Music Video, 6 Dec 2009

The Jumping Jewels are featured on Okto's Christmas music video. Shooting on Saturday, 5th December started with the team meeting at Rope Skipping Singapore in Tampines at 9am to dress up and do our hair. Then it was to Mediacorp for make-up and voice recording. A bus fetched us to Singapore Media Academy at Clark Quay for the shooting at about 1.30pm. There was no rehearsals or lunch at Mediacorp so lunch was pizza when we arrived at SMA. We were supposed to leave for another appointment at 4pm but decided to stay till the shooting was done at 6pm.

It was nice to work with our OMF friends again. We wore a Christmas plaid dress and a knit hoodie coat but just could not find orange colored accessories. Finally got some bright orange fabric and made hair accessories. This is first time the Jumping Jewels are in a team dress. Got the story board for the music video at Mediacorp and originally we were briefed to rope skip in so we practice our circus entry when we reached SMA but as it turned out we skip in holding only presents.

There was a make-up artiste who made up everyone in the shoot. She really made us look great. Although we did not skip, it was really tiring working the whole day. Watch the music video on TV and have a Jumping Jewels Christmas.

Okto Christmas Music Video telecast from 20 Dec.

Snapshot of Music Video shoot

Arrived at 10.20am at Mediacorp reception. Our make-up was scheduled at 10.30am so we waited awhile.

Rehearsing the Christmas song with Mediacorp's Pei Ling.

Make-up really transformed us and we like the look.

The Jewels with Gail, Lucas, Jan, Jo, Joakim and the magician

Waiting for bus at Mediacorp taxi stand and arriving at Riverside Point mall at Clark Quay.

First thing was pizza lunch at the small pantry at SMA.

Then in the studio we worked on our circus skip in but it was eventually skip in holding presents.

Make-up touch up as soon as we settled at the studio.

Practicing our song lines.

Waiting for our turn to shoot the video. Playing with Sapphire's Shannen and little Jo of the Jan & Jo duet in a short break.

Briefing by Pei Ling before one of our shoots and waiting with presents for . . . .

The hills are alive . . . .

The whole bunch of us at the video shoot posing and Fa, la, la, la, . . .

Just walked out of SMA and coats off. The building has a hanging linkway to the lifts that overlooks Clark Quay.

At the bottom of the lift was this unique water fountain that we just had to stand in.

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